Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My Weight loss journey

So the picture below is of me as a 5yr old child. One word sums this picture up, and that's .. 'chubby'!
My lowest weight to date is 10 lb. My birth weight! Haha!  See I was even born chubby! Unfortunately I'm not a natural 'Slim Jim', or one of the lucky ones in life who can eat what the hell she likes and still not put weight on. One of my best friends is this type of person. My actual words to her every now and again is, "I hope one day I bump into you in the middle of the street and you're the size of a house". Ok a house is a bit extreme but you get my drift.

I have always had issues with my weight and worried about it. Who hasn't?. Granted I was never happy, but I was always content.I guess my issues mainly came to light in 2009, aged 23 and expecting my first child. I took the old saying 'eating for two' quite literally! I was always craving the fizzy, sugary sweets. My Son Ethan was born in October 2009, and I was now bigger than ever!

     May 2010

This is the picture that prompted me to kick-start my weight loss journey. I used to cringe so much looking at it. Although if I carry on the way I am doing at the moment, then it won't be long before i'm back there. I no longer wanted to be a fat Mummy. The Mummy who during pregnancy couldn't learn to keep her gob shut from shoving food down it. So in July 2010 when Ethan was 9 months old, I decided to join a Slimming World class. I had put on aprox 4.5 stone!! What shocked me even more was the number on the scale. A whopping 17 Stone 4 lbs. I was so embarrassed and I refused to share my starting weight with anyone. Even years after. Luckily week by week the weight just kept dropping off. I didn't even have to join a gym or anything. Woohoo! The most i would do exercise wise is go on long walks with Ethan in his pushchair.

October 2014

It took 3 years for me to lose 6 stone. I could have lost it a lot sooner had I been completely on plan. But let's be realistic here, life gets in the way. I believe it's healthy to 'let go' once in a while, the odd takeaway, nights out with friends etc.
The above pictures are of me at my lowest weight of 11 St. 4 lbs. I found it harder to lose weight the slimmer I became. I put so much pressure on myself and would skip meals in order to reach my target weight. It was all I thought about, and mentally it was draining.
 I gained a few lbs here and there (ok maybe a stone) but I did manage to keep the weight off for a good two years before falling pregnant with baby number 2. Then the cycle started all over again, scoffing anything sugary in sight. And before you know it, I blinked and gained 3.5 St.!! 

Macie was born on 27th January 2016, and 6 weeks later I decided to re-join Slimming World. I stuck at it for about a month. I had done the plan several times before so I think I just became too lenient with it. That and obviously having a new born baby so I had to revolve the session around sleep and feeding times which can be very up in the air. So I decided to give Weight Watchers online a go. I lost 1 stone 6.5 lbs in 9 weeks. I did feel I was starting to slip and lose my motivation on a couple of occasions so in November 2016 I decided to join a Weight Watchers class and I loved it! The meetings were short and sweet too which was ideal with having a baby. 
Fast forward a few months having lost a further 1 stone by going to meetings, my head wasn't in the game so I stopped going to group and found myself signing up to another plan. 'The Terri-Ann 123 Diet plan'. which is basically restricting and reintroducing foods in 3 stages. I amazingly lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks! And before you know it, a night out happened and threw me off track!!

In a nutshell, because I think you get the picture by now. I rejoined Weight Watchers again, then back onto Terri Ann, then back to Weight Watchers, and now I'm currently going solo. Having the odd nutritious smoothie for breakfast to kick start my day. Honestly this time around I am such a yo-yo dieter.  I still have roughly 2.5 St to lose, and I would bloody love to have lost it by Summer. I've lost count lately how many times I've told myself that tomorrow I will start afresh and eat healthily. Then I go to work or Uni, sweets etc are in sight and before you know it they are in my gob! I know immediately when I have gained weight as I gain an extra chin first, then the clothes start to feel a little tight around the old Mum tum, which then makes me moody because I feel uncomfortable. 
So if anyone has any tips on how to stay motivated and not cave then please send it my way, because this girl has ZERO willpower.

As always thank you for reading. Hopefully my next post on this topic will be a victory one!!

Much Love 

Sarah xx


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