Saturday, 7 April 2018

The two most important little people in my life.

I chose not to base my first few blog posts around my children, purely because I wanted to allow all of you the opportunity to get to know me as an individual first. And now that I'm hopeful you have, I thought I would share with you a brief snippet of the two most important little human beings in my life. Ethan and Macie.
I must admit I have been in two minds on whether to post this. Whether I want to show an insight to my children or not. Then it suddenly dawned on me. Ethan has already been out there for the world (literally) to see anyway.

'Is it in your bellaayy?'

In August 2015 after my 12 week scan, I decided to let the secret out and tell Ethan that he was going to be a big Brother. Well, I literally could not have asked for a better reaction, he was so excited, even though it took a while for him to believe me as I'm forever laughing and joking about things. A few days later I decided to post the video on my Facebook page as a way of breaking the news to friends and family. I also shared the video to 'Babycenter's' (American) Facebook page. And wholly crap!! Literally within hours the video had gone viral. Viewed and shared by thousands and thousands of people. And within a couple of days .. Millions! I couldn't keep up with the notifications and messages I was receiving, and it became a little too much to the point I had to disable friend requests, notifications etc.

It was a lot for a pregnant hormonal woman to deal with and at one point I did say to myself ' What on earth have I done'? in terms of Ethan's little face being plastered all over social media, the local news and national TV programmes like 'Good morning Britain'. We even had Skype calls for casting with producers from 'The Ellen Show' in America and 'Little Big Shots UK'.  However it never went anywhere as they wanted me to film some more footage of Ethan going about his daily life, and he just didn't want a camera shoved in his face or to be on TV. The whole thing was a great experience and although it may have opened up several windows of opportunities for Ethan, I was never going to pressurise him into doing something he didn't want to do. 


Ethan is now a cheeky, happy 8 year old, who makes me laugh and smile each day. He is so laid back and sees the positives in everything. His imagination has always been one of his strong points and I always worried that as soon as he started School he would lose some of his creative flare, and thank goodness he hasn't.

Ethan will always be my first baby. My first baby who taught me to love unconditionally, to believe in myself, because if I didn't then how could I expect anyone else to do so? To multi-task! Because nothing teaches you how to multi-task better than having a kid. And most importantly, how truly precious time is. I never knew how fast time could actually pass by so quickly until I had kids. Live for today, not tomorrow is a phrase I try to live by.


My beautiful little Macie. Mummy's funny, clever and independent little girl. Time definitely seems to have passed by a little faster this time around as I can't believe she is now 2. Her favourite things to do are bounce, jump and climb. (In that order). Her energy is infectious, and like most females she knows what she wants and what she doesn't want.

Having Macie has taught me how to be more laid back. I haven't wrapped her in cotton wool (not that she would let me anyway) which can be a tendency with your first child.
They've fallen over .. first child = quickly running over to them making a huge fuss .. second child... ah she'll be fine, it's just a scrape. She is so bright and forward for her age, and has developed her own little unique character, which makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Prime example - 'I can't be bothered to walk anymore so I'm just going to lay down in the middle of the aisle at the Supermarket'.

My heart bursts with pride when I see them both together. Although Ethan is 6 years older than Macie, they have such a special bond.

Apparently " The sibling relationship is life's longest lasting relationship". I have always loved the thought of having a boy first, followed by a girl, and that she would have a protective older brother. Ethan is certainly very protective of her now so it's a nice thought to hold on to that it will continue.

I wouldn't change being a Mummy for anything. Yes it can be hard work, but without a shadow of a doubt the highs outweigh any lows.

To my two babies .. here's to many more of them highs, to more adventures, and more importantly .. love and laughter.



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