Thursday, 24 May 2018

Life as a student Mum

It's no secret that i've been missing in action for a while on the blogging side of things. I started a University course in September last year studying for a BA in Business Studies, and recently it has taken up a whole lot of time! Literally assignment after assignment, and amongst working and seeing to the kids there has just been no spare time to do anything else.

As I'm writing this, I have now finished Uni for the Summer, and boy am I looking forward to the 3 month break. However, the past few nights I have found it difficult to switch off in the evenings. I feel like I need to be sat doing something other than sobbing my heart out at emotional documentaries on the tv or scrolling through Social media and watching Youtube videos.

I have definitely missed out on sleep. I usually like to get a good 7-8 hrs but recently its been more like 5! Not good I know, but I feel like I'm used to it now.

As challenging as the course can be sometimes, I am finding it soo rewarding. For starters who knew I had a brain!! I'm so proud of myself for getting good grades with each assignment, but it doesn't come natural to me. I have to work bloody hard for it, but hey that's life! I still have another two years to go, but a big pat on the back goes to me for seeing out the first year when it can be all too easy to call it quits when things get tough.
With doing a Business Studies degree, there are lots of modules to cover such as: Economics, Law, Finance, Marketing, People & Organisations, Human Resources etc, and each one definitely gets the old brain cogs working.

If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Economics, with my least favourite being Finance/Quants because numbers are really not my thing!. The main thing that has tested me though is having to do presentations in front of the class. In most cases I consider myself to be confident and out-going, but when it comes to being in an environment with 18 pairs of eyes staring at me whilst I have to speak then I become a different person. I get soo nervous, practically overdose on rescue remedy, and have to wear a turtle neck jumper to cover up the blotches on my chest and neck from being so nervous. However, I must admit the more presentations I do, the less nervous I feel in the lead up to them, so it's not all that bad I suppose

I'm really lucky that our local college has a University centre, which means I don't have to commit to travelling every Monday and Friday. It's definitely an advantage when you work and have kids. Plus there is a lot of one to one feedback with the tutors, which you just wouldn't get at a mainstream University.
I was worried when I first started whether myself and Nikki would be the eldest in the class, but luckily we wasn't! The class varies in age but everyone gets on so well, and is really supportive of one another which is fab! Who knew going to Uni could actually be enjoyable!

I would like to think I'm proof that it is never too late to study. I'm 31 now, and Uni just wasn't for me when I left College. And alongside working and having two children, it just goes to show that with commitment and a bit of balance, anything is possible.

Hopefully I won't leave it too long between this and the next blog post.

Much Love

Sarah xx


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