Wednesday, 29 August 2018

A letter to my Daughter.

To my beautiful darling Macie.

Today you will be going back to nursery after a few days off and I know this will upset you. I try not to mention the 'N' word until it's time for us to leave, as the smile that is always on your face will soon turn into a frown with tears creeping in behind those big blue eyes. 

As we make our way there in the car, I remind you that Mummy has to go to work... to which you reply 'for pennies, to go on Donkeys'. Followed by 'Mummy will be back soon to pick me up'. You betcha!!

Pressing the doorbell, waiting at the door to be let in, and walking down the corridor to your classroom always leaves me with butterflies. The guilty sort that remind me how little you still are and how you just want to spend all of your time with Mummy.

You used to love going to nursery, to the point it sometimes felt like you were thinking ' You still here Mummy?. Off you go'!.

I guess that changed when we came back from our little holiday at Haven. You spent some much needed quality time with Daddy, me and Ethan having lots of fun, making going back to nursery seem a little bit daunting.

Luckily, you have some very lovely ladies in your classroom, who straight away offer you a cuddle as they know that's what makes you feel safe and 90% of the time you open your arms to accept which makes it that little bit more easier for Mummy to leave you. 

You're a funny little thing though, as I know 10 minutes or so after I have left you will be running around with your little friends, and joining in to 'Wake and shake', and 'Baby Shark' at song time. 

What's even more funnier is the fact I sometimes have to resort to using bribery in order to get you to leave with me at home time.

I do love coming to pick you up though. Especially on a Wednesday as it is your full day there from 9am-6.30pm which is a long day for a two year old. I love hearing all about your day, and how many servings you have had for dinner and pudding! You have my appetite that's for sure. 

I love our little conversations in the car on our way home. You are so tired yet so happy and full of giggles because you have your Mummy back, not realising that tomorrow and the next day we have to do it all again. 

But remember my sweet girl ... ' Mummy always comes back'.



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