Friday, 28 September 2018

A day in the life of a School run Mum

I always imagined the School run being a doddle. I mean, what could possibly be so hard about getting two children out of the house on time five days a week?

I've been 'winging' the school run since 2014 and only today have I come to the realisation that it can be just a little bit stressful! So I thought I would give you a little insight to our school morning routine.

Now, I always make sure Ethan's school uniform is ready the night before. This is something I have always excelled at!. However, I've come to the realisation that socks.. yes bloody socks, eat away at time. I've lost count how many pairs Ethan has but can I heck as find a pair that match?
Scrambling around in drawers, opening the tumble dryer to see if any are hiding in there, or somewhere in between the pile of clean washing which I've yet to put away.  So going forward, socks MUST be ready (and matching) the night before. 

Something I am also good at is setting the alarm on my phone the night before. I set it for 6.46 am (I like my numbers to be even!!). Another thing I am good at is 'snoozing' my alarm, (at least three times) making the time I roll out bed usually around 7.15am! I think we can confirm this is completely my own doing, and something I need to knock on the head. Personally, I still blame the socks!! 

Ethan usually wakes up around 5.45 am. Yep, that early. He has always woken up early to be fair, and he is an expert at creeping through to get his tablet, going to the loo and getting back into bed without waking any of us up. It's just unfortunate he's not as quiet at going down the stairs. Heard of Elephants spring to mind!

Once I'm eventually out of my pit, I go through to Ethan to come downstairs so that I can make breakfast, but first things first is my coffee. I ALWAY'S start my day off with a coffee before anything else. So after making Ethan his breakfast, I usually 'potter' around, cleaning worktops (Mrs Hinch style), putting pots away, sweeping up crumbs from the floor, feeding the Cat, putting a load of washing in etc. 

Macie doesn't take after her brother at all. She is the wise one that sleeps in. So whilst she's sleeping I 'potter' around in my bedroom (can you tell I do this ALOT?), looking in the mirror, squeeze the odd spot or two that have appeared overnight, and pluck the odd whisker from my chin, or chins should I say. Then its shower time. I shower every single morning, wash, dry and straighten my hair and put my face on. Just like my morning coffee, its a ritual! I would love to be able to do the school run 'au natural' but unfortunately that is something I'm not. I guess its down to my low self-esteem, but I actually enjoy the short time I get to myself getting ready, whilst listening to a bit of Spotify.

If it's getting on for past 8am then panic stations start creeping in. Often, Macie is awake by this time, and in between me getting ready and Ethan getting dressed for school (minus the damn socks), she is sat at the table having her 'monkey breakfast', (Aldi's version of Coco Pops).

Come 8.20am with only 15 minutes to spare, I shout up to Ethan to go get his teeth brushed, followed by ' watch what you're doing, and don't get toothpaste all over your uniform'. This is usually accompanied with a groan from him as 10/15 minutes before its time to leave he decides to start playing with his toys.

I quickly get Macie cleaned up (god love baby wipes) and dressed, then proceed on either chasing her around the house or squishing her quite literally between my legs in order for me to brush her wild hair. She is usually quite cheery up until this point.

Ethan often spends 5 minutes playing outside before we leave, which is wise as I'm not stepping on both of my children whilst rushing around getting the bags together and in the car, all whilst making sure Daisy (the kitten) doesn't escape out of the door.

8.35pm and I ask Ethan to get in the car, whilst I strap Macie into her car seat. Of course having OCD issues I have to go back into the house and ask myself  'do I have everything I need'? Bags? check. Phone? check. Straighteners switched off? check. I also have to make sure toys are away in the living room, tablets out of sight from any potential burglars, and that the house is in a decent state for when I come back. I'm sure many will ask 'is this necessary' and 'no wonder you feel like you're always in a rush', but that's just how I am.

98.9% of the time we are out of the house by 8.40am and on our way to school, which luckily for me is less than a 5 minute drive away.
But on some mornings, (take this morning for example), it didn't quite go to plan, because you can bet that the very moment you need to leave the house a small human s**** themselves! I'm talking about a full on 'poonami', on clothes, on your hands, down their legs, even on the bloody carpet! There was absolutely no way we were getting to school on time today.

It's amazing what you can get done when you're in a rush though as Ethan only managed to be just over 5 minutes late, having to go through the school's main entrance as the gate to the playground was shut.

On a positive note, I now have the whole weekend to recover before the madness commences again on Monday morning.

SOCKS!! .. I must remember to find a pair of socks the night before!

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